OUTREACH - Projects and Partnerships

Ocean Academy - Bermuda

Members of SCOOBY research and collaborators have been working with the BIOS Ocean Academy in Bermuda to develop ocean acidification demonstrations, videos, and curriculum material. POGO scholar Dr. Mara Braverman, who was assisting with coral reef research in Bermuda, developed the following exercises about marine biogeochemitry for grades 3-8:

BIOS "You be the Chemist: Investigation of Ocean Acidification"


Teachers' OA Workshop - San Diego

CAU plates
Emily presents background information about
ocean acidification to middle school teachers

Dr. Andersson advised master's student, Emily Gottlieb, as she designed, implemented, and evaluated a workshop for middle school teachers about ocean acidification.Teachers who attended the workshop were presented with background information on ocean acidification.

CAU plates
Teachers try out the "OA Explorations"


Teachers tried out"OA explorations", curriculum materials designed to introduce their students to pH indicators, acids and bases, calcium carbonate dissolution, and the potential impact of ocean acidification on the marine food web.


Teachers also toured the SCOOBY research lab, where Dr. Andersson and graduate student, Kiley Yeakel, described their research, conduced demonstrations, and answered the teachers' questions about ocean acidification.

Teachers brought the “OA explorations” back to their middle school classrooms.


Ocean Discovery Institute - San Diego

Dr. Andersson will be working under funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in partnership with the nationally recognized San Diego educational non-profit, Ocean Discovery Institute (ODI), to develop ocean acidification curriculum materials for ODI’s afterschool program.